Mechanical Design
While a repairman may think nothing of making a display repair in a couple minutes and while a driver may think nothing of being able to read real time road conditions on a VMS in the middle of a blizzard—our mechanical engineers know that these details are everything. This team works in conjunction with our customers, suppliers, laboratory, and other engineering teams to continuously refine and enhance our display systems. Some areas being improved like resolution, multiple language capability, and easy day and night viewing are appreciated by the viewer. Other areas like lighter components, simple internal lay-outs, and easy installations are appreciated by the maintenance staff. And still, other areas like enhanced weather and vandalism protection, minimal maintenance designs, and knowing the best ways to reduce costs are appreciated by the purchasing organization.

Although these different groups may not notice all the details, our engineering team knows that it’s all the small details added up that creates a reliable display system everyone appreciates.