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The Aesys displays support the most waited for summer event

Jun 17, 2016
“The floating piers", i.e. the floating docks, is the name of the object-most waited for summer event, which will represent an extraordinary show case for Lake Iseo, attracting about 500,000 people.

Passerella Christo lago Iseo

To walk on the water of a lake will not be a problem ... but only for two weeks!

In fact, from 18 June, it will be possible to walk on a floating pier to reach Mont'Isola, the largest lake island in Europe, and other minor islets of Lake Iseo, starting from the Brescia Sulzano shore.

Meaning and numbers of the event

The floating pier path was designed by artist Christo, famous for having produced gigantic works in real landscapes, modified them temporarily, for example "bundling" monuments or laying out long cloth sheets in natural places. The floating piers will not be only a free artistic and sensory experience, but also a great tourist and economic event, which is estimated to attract more than 500,000 people in the Lombardy lake, with great worldwide echo.

The Aesys displays for traffic information

In this context, while on the pier there will be 170 lifeguards to watch over the safety of people 24 hours a day, a system of 7 Aesys variable message signs will provide real-time useful information on the road traffic conditions, to make traffic as smooth as possible and guide car drivers to the Iseo shores.

Map of Aesys Display near SulzanoInformation displayed on the App My InfoCity

The novelty of this provision is that the displays are pinpointed, and it will be possible to consult the messages that they show in real time also on App My InfoCity, developed entirely by Aesys and downloadable for free on Android and iOS.
Look at the display map

Not only traffic signs but also passengers information

The traffic VMS are added to other Aesys displays that for years "stroll around" the lake such as the line and destination indicators installed on the boats, and the approximately 25 LED signs at the docks of the various landings, which show the times of arrival and departure of these boats.



Aesys arrival and departure LED signs on a boat stop