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Bergamo, new Aesys information displays for a smart infomobility

Sep 24, 2015
Informing travelers whenever and wherever they need, it’s the Aesys mission in public transport and also the reason why the municipality of Bergamo and ATB Mobilità chose new smart devices.
Immagine del totem informativo aesys di Piazzale Marconi a Bergamo

Aesys Information display at Bergamo02

Since a few days, five new multimedia information totems orient citizens and tourists using means of public transport at the bus station or in Piazzale Marconi – two transport hubs in Bergamo. Anyone wants to catch a city bus, a coach or a tram may view real time departure information on 42” TFT screens and graphic maps.

The content of these TFT monitors is updated through a high performance internet connection, which also allows the system to display other information about public transport services, traffic conditions, availability of rental cars and bikes, tourist events and weather conditions. In addition, the totems act as hotspots to offer free wi-fi access.

Within the European Mobility Week, the Mayor of Bergamo and the ATB president inaugurated the new information displays as a part of a wider program designed to make the urban mobility more livable, sustainable and efficient. In this context, the role of AESYS is extremely valuable, as already demonstrated with the recent supply of new parking guidance systems.