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Bolzano, Florence, La Spezia. Examples of innovation, information and safety

Jun 30, 2014
With the combination of application solutions and technologies used, Aesys is the ideal partner for all local public transport companies wishing to increase service quality by providing better information and focusing on safety.

Aesys LCD Monitor on a Bolzano bus

TFT multimediale Aesys su un autobus di STA Bolzano

Aesys LED display on an ATAF Florence Bus

An innovative, environmentally-friendly and more comfortable fleet of vehicles is only a part of it. The new Solaris Trollino electric buses used at ATC are popular with all public transport users, due to the clarity and luminosity of the information shown on the LED display. A closed-circuit video monitoring system guarantees greater safety for passengers, who are provided with information on the route and the public service through two multimedia TFT monitors, combined with a voice announcement system indicating the line and destination for users waiting at the bus-stops.

The same approach has been adopted by other public transport companies in Bolzano, a city which has always been highly sensitive to innovative solutions. In addition to equipping the new vehicles with LED displays and a new voice announcement system, SASA has also focused on safety, installing a video monitoring system on 45 buses (Solaris, Irisbus, Bredamenarini and Evobus), while STA and SAD have focused on multimedia information by adding TFT monitors. In detail, STA ans SASA has opted for a solution formed of 2 TFT monitors alongside each other for the new hydrogen-powered buses (Evobus), while SAD has equipped 70 new buses (Evobus and Iveco Irisbus) with single TFT monitors. Both SASA and SAD intend to integrate the multimedia TFT into their own AVM system currently in use.

An important investment has also been made by ATAF, which has installed line and destination signs on 50 new Euro VI buses (Evobus) recently placed in service in the system, together with a video monitoring system which also includes passenger counting functions.