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Three major road projects in Lombardy with Aesys technology

May 22, 2014
Through the supply of variable message signs, Aesys is also contributing to the road network improvements throughout the Lombardy region of Italy. Aesys LED signs will be equipping Bre.Be.Mi—linking Brescia, Bergamo, and Milan—as well as the Milan East outer ring road and Pedemontana Lombarda highway.
Pannello a messaggio variabile Aesys installato sulla Bre.Be.Mi  The importance of Bre.Be.Mi.

The Bre.Be.Mi has become well known as the first European highway financed completely through future toll revenue and without tax revenue. The highway will be completed after 5 years in time for Expo 2015 and is a representation of Italian efficiency. Final testing is currently in progress with the opening scheduled in July with the President of Italy.

The project did not only build a new highway to better distribute highway traffic leading for reducing travel times, congestion, and pollution, but also built the accompanying bridges, tunnels, and water channels. The new road should provide better logistical support for new businesses.

The Aesys Solution

In the project Bre.Be.Mi, Aesys is the exclusive supplier of variable message signs. 26 signs being installed along the 62 km route will improve road safety with real-time messages as well as provide information at toll plazas through the installation of an additional 26 signs.

Towards Expo 2015

Aesys will additionally supply the Milan East outer ring road and the Pedemontana Lombarda highway. 130 LED signs have already been supplied with an additional 150 left to be delivered. One part of the delivery to Pedemontana Lombarda was completely turnkey with the inclusion of both steal supports and on-site installation.

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