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Aesys LED displays accompany innovative green projects

Oct 29, 2013
It is an interesting challenge against air and noise pollution, what has been presented at the Busworld in Kortrijk (already showcased at the last UITP conference in Geneva) with the name of TOSA ( Trolleybus System Optimisation Alimentation ).
Display Aesys installato su autobus

Immagine dell'autobus del progetto TOSA equipaggiato con display Aesys
TOSA is the first full electric articulated bus that recharges at the bus stops in 15 seconds, with a special ultrafast charging system. This pilot project is designed by ABB Group in partnership with TGP, the leading transport operator in Geneva, SIG  the Swiss energy utility company and the Office for the Promotion of Industries and Technologies (OPI). The bus will run  between Geneva airport and the Palexpo, the international exhibition center of the city, until spring 2014.

Geneva has always been synonymous with innovation for Aesys too. In fact, in early 2000, the local transport company TGP was the first in the world to install our full color LED destination signs. Once again, Aesys LED displays have witnessed an innovation, accompanying the project TOSA with devices for the front, side and rear of the bus .

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