Three benefits of using a full color display to inform citizens

May 30, 2017
New visual impact, great communication capability and information in your smartphone.
Display a led full color Aesys

Display a LED full color Aesys

It is the will to innovate the communication of nformation which makes a City to choose an modern day visual solution, such as the full color high resolution LED display.


A real color media dashboard!

The device shows all images, text messages annd videos such as cultural events, public alerts, deadlines, waste management with a high brightness and excellent visibility in all ambient conditions. In principle, the display becomes a parallel communication channel to the institutional web page.


The advantages of the graphics matrix

The graphics matrix allows you to manage different text size, schedule sequential pages, set animated effects, and display eye-catching color images.


From Display to Cloud Management

The information displayed on the LED display can also be "received in the pockets" of the citizens via smartphones and MyInfoCity apps, making them always available and keeping them up to date on the communal initiatives.


The MyInfoCity app is downloadable on Android or iOS.

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