LED signs for Limited Traffic Zones

Regulating vehicular traffic in cities and historic centers through the establishment of a limited traffic zone aims to improve the liveability and usability of the city areas by pedestrians, promote the use of public transport and ecological vehicles.

The use of LED signs for a limited traffic zone means improving communication between the citizen and public authorities, solving situations in which road signage are not optimal or difficult to understand. As a manner of fact, placed near the access gates to the limited traffic zones, the LED displays clearly indicate the status of activity, and can be conveniently integrated with existing video surveillance systems.

The traffic LED signs show clear and complete text messages indicating, for example, the time slot for activation and closure of the passage, the time of the planned closures, or the time intervals for loading and unloading goods. Indeed, thanks to the Aesys VerbaInfo software, the programming of the messages on the LED displays installed can take place by time slots and days of the week. The use of the graphic LED matrix allows to display simple symbols, red or green depending on the opening or closure.

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