Outdoor LCD Totem - Avior Series

WOW effect
Combining Italian design in an extremely thin and performative structure is the Aesys recipe for Outdoor LCD totems. Capable of giving a high aesthetic impact to the environments in which they are installed, Aesys devices attract the attention of the pedestrian before transmitting the promotional message.

Brand visibility
Ideal tools to spread advertising messages or information to the citizenry with facility and immediacy, LCD totems easily lend themselves to become the identifying product of the brand or institution, especially in cases where aspects such as color and logo are customized.

Return of the investment
The programming of a continuous information schedule allows the use of LCD totems to promote third-party content, allowing a return on the investment made.

Wide functionality and interactivity
LCD totems can be integrated with devices that increase the user interaction experience, including: the multi-touch screen, the web cam, the proximity sensor, the pc-player.


High reliability and quality maintenance
The design and production quality Aesys, with forty years of experience in information visualization systems, guarantees an Outdoor totem with high reliability over time and easy on-site maintenance.

Cloud management MyInfoCity App

Full Color displays can be cloud managed via PC or mobile devices, thanks to the Aesys MyInfoCity web platform. This platform allows the owner of the display to extend the management to other users (e.g. Civil Protection), distribute the contents on the smartphone of citizens and integrate other devices in the same system (e.g. cameras, limited traffic zones displays, parking lots, multimedia totems).

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